In every month, yet in aught begun,
Read over that month, what avails to be done;
So neither this travail shall seem to be lost,
Nor thou to repent of this trifling cost.

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• After Forsythia flowers have faded, prune shrubs if needed.

• All beds can be carefully cultivated after mulch is removed and weeds eradicated.

• All winter protection should be removed by this time.

• As tulip bulbs show, a dusting of fertilizer will produce larger and taller flowers.

• Avoid tramping on dormant perennials that have not emerged above ground yet.

• Be sure to water all newly planted flowers and shrubs.

• Begin cutting the lawn when the grass blades are about 2 inches tall.

• Begin pruning roses after new growth has begun, but not before removing winter protection and pushing back hilled earth.

• Divide all of your fall blooming perennials now.

• Drain and clean out Lily pond.

• Evergreens can start being planted towards the end of the month.

• Fertilize fruit trees with a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, to support leaf development.

• Finish raking the lawn and apply fertilizer.

• Fuchsia cuttings taken from new growth can be placed in sand for rooting.

• Have your soil tested before adding any fertilizer or lime.

• If you didn't get it done last fall, divide Phlox now.

• Keep an eye out for tent caterpillars, spray if any are spotted.

• Last call to start tomato seeds indoors.

• Many of the plants in your rock garden will appreciate a dressing of stone chips.

• Melons and cucumbers can be started in the hotbed for an early crop.

• Onion sets planted now will ripen into a bountiful crop, within a short time.

• Pinch back tips of new snapdragon seedlings to encourage branching.

• Plant new garden roses this month.

• Pull away any old foliage from iris.

• Prune Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon, Buddleia and Abelia.

• Reseed bare patches in the lawn.

• Seedlings in hotbeds can be hardened off in cold frames.

• Seeds of hardy flowers and vegetables can be sown in cold frames.

• Set out Pansies, English Daisies, and Forget-me-nots from the cold frame.

• Shrubs can be planted any time this month.

• Spring is the only season to move Magnolias and Tulip-trees.

• Start feeding roses, and keep an eye out for aphids on them.

• Transplant lily of the valley pips.

• Tuberous-rooted Begonias can be started in the cold frame.

• Violets set out now will soon recover themselves, and go on blooming.

• When roses are in full leaf, begin a weekly spray program, and continue through summer.

• Why not start a journal and record the blooming dates of your flowers.

• Wood ashes saved over the winter months, can now go on your Roses.

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