valentine heart
In every month, yet in aught begun,
Read over that month, what avails to be done;
So neither this travail shall seem to be lost,
Nor thou to repent of this trifling cost.

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• Any branches containing brown, frothy egg cases of praying mantis that are removed when pruning, should be reattached to a nearby branch.

• Branches of Peach and Plum can be gently forced into flower, when cut and brought indoors.

• Check and secure any loose winter protection or wind screens around Boxwood and other tender plants.

• Check fences and gate posts for any needed repairs.

• Check all your evergreens to see if they need watering, especially newly planted ones.

• Crumble old manure over the surface soil of your potted Gardenias.

• Do you have enough peat pots, potting soil, labels etc. for your indoor seed starting needs?

• During the winter months, weakened limbs or those that cross and rub are easily detected.

• Examine borders and rock gardens for plants that have been heaved out by frosts, push back and cover well.

• Examine trees and shrubs for mice and rabbit damage, add protection if any signs of activity are spotted.

• For house plants, aerosol sprays that contain pyrethrum or rotenone can be used indoors.

• Fuchsias like plenty of leaf-mold mixed in their soil.

• Give Rubber plants sunlight, water every day and a cup of manure water once a week.

• If you are ordering seeds, why not try one of the new varieties or novelties this year.

• If you didn't get the compost pile turned over in the fall, you can turn it now.

• Inspect stored Gladiolus corms, if any are found molding, dust them with sulphur and move to a drier location.

• Large deciduous trees can be moved now unless the ground is frozen solid.

• Make sure that all bird-feeding stations are kept filled.

• Now is the time to prune Apples, Pears and Grapes.

• Order your flower and vegetable seeds that are to be started in the hotbed.

• Over-wintering egg cases of bag worms and tent caterpillars should be removed from trees and shrubs.

• Parsley and other herb seeds can be sown indoors, for use in the kitchen.

• Seed of both annual and perennial Canterbury Bells can be started indoors.

• Shake snow from evergreens and Boxwood as soon as snowfall ceases.

• Snapdragons, petunias and lobelia are very slow growing from seed into blooming plants, so the seed can be started now indoors.

• Sow Celery, Cabbage and Onion seed indoors now for an early crop.

• Spray house Ferns every other day.

• Spray your house plants regularly against insect pests.

• Take leaf cuttings of African violets.

• This is a good time to send cards or letters to distant garden friends.

• To speed up germination of Lupine and Morning Glory seeds, notch the seed with a file.

• Towards the end of the month, Sweet Pea seed can be sown in a cool house.

• Transplant begonia and coleus seedlings when their second pair of true leaves appear.

• Valentine flowers received will last longer if pots are kept in a cool location, kept moist and out of direct sunlight.

• Ventilate your cold frames on any warm sunny days.

• Winter damaged tree and shrub branches should be pruned as soon as possible.

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