new year toast
In every month, yet in aught begun,
Read over that month, what avails to be done;
So neither this travail shall seem to be lost,
Nor thou to repent of this trifling cost.

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• Adding charcoal chips to plants grown in water, will keep the water sweet.

• After Amaryllis flowers have faded, remove them but keep the plant growing to replenish the bulb.

• A good idea before ordering from catalogs is to plan ahead, where you are going to plant and grow these new additions to the garden.

• Any Christmas Cactus that is still blooming, will appreciate a half cup of water every 3 days

• Bring in your pots of early Tulips, Hyacinthus and Narcissus to begin forcing.

• Brush heavy snow from evergreens with a broom.

• Build or repair garden furniture and trellises.

• Camphor flakes in a saucer under African violets are said to keep off mites.

• Check now and make sure that you have enough plant labels, if planning to start any seeds indoors.

• Cut back fertilizer applications to your house plants.

• Cut branches of Pussy Willow and Forsythia to bring indoors for forcing.

• If the temperature drops below 10°F, cover your coldframe sash with straw mats.

• Inspect Apple trees, Lilacs and Euonymus for oyster shell scale. Prune first, then wash with Lime Sulphur.

• Make sure that all bird-feeding stations are kept filled.

• Making seed flats is a good indoor job, on cold wintery days.

• Nothing solves a field mouse problem like a lean, hungry cat.

• On these garden-less days, take the time and draw up a planting chart or diagram of your garden.

• Place cyclamens in a cool room and keep their soil moist.

• Plant paperwhite narcissus in a shallow dish filled with water.

• Pot up cold storage Lily-of-the-Valley and they will bloom in 21 days.

• Re-tie any Climbing Rose branches that may have worked loose and are whipping in the wind.

• Seeds can be tested for germination and vigor, by placing them on wet blotters. Be sure to count and label them accordingly.

• Speaking of Garden Clubs, try to attend your next meeting.

• Start geranium seeds indoors now, for summer bedding plants.

• Start gloxinias in a moist soil mixture.

• Sow coleus and begonia seeds indoors now.

• Take cuttings of your African violets

• This is a good time to repot Cactus.

• Try using sterilized soil in some of your seed flats this year.

• When Poinsettias drop their leaves, stop watering and put them in a cool place to rest.

• When the temperature is above 40 °F, reapply anti-desiccants to evergreens to prevent sun damage and wind burn.

• When watering house plants, be sure that the water is at room temperature.

• Wipe mealy bugs from house plants with a cotton swab diped in alcohol.

• Wood ashes saved now can go on the Rose beds in April.

• You could start the New Year by exterminating aphids on house plants, but why not instead, mix up some eggnog and call in your neighbors.

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