In every month, yet in aught begun,
Read over that month, what avails to be done;
So neither this travail shall seem to be lost,
Nor thou to repent of this trifling cost.

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• Add materials used as winter mulch to the compost pile, and turn pile over.

• Apply mulch to evergreens, shrubs and trees to keep down weeds and conserve moisture.

• Avoid spraying fruit trees with insecticide until after the petals have dropped.

• Begin staking tall growing perennials.

• Broad leaf evergreens such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas should be planted in early spring.

• Cut back and repot Hydrangeas that have bloomed in the house, then sink pots in the ground outdoors.

• Cut faded blooms from Daffodils and Tulips to prevent seed formation, but leave the foliage until it browns.

• Clematis and other vines should be retied after pruning.

• Dahlias can be planted now until the middle of June.

• Don't overdo it these busy gardening days, work steadily, but know when to stop.

• Fall blooming plants such as Chrysanthemums, Asters and Japanese Anemones, can now be put in their permanent places.

• Finish planting annuals, vegetables, and shrubs.

• Flowers should be removed from newly planted strawberry plants, to encourage development of runners.

• For bright, fragrant flowers at dusk, plant some moonflower seeds.

• For larger flowers on Peonies, pinch off side buds.

• Get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

• Give Peonies a dose of manure water to help their flowering.

• House plants can be moved outdoors and sunk in the ground, up to the pot brim.

• If bulbs are naturalized in lawn areas, delay mowing until foliage has browned.

• Keep up your weekly spray program for Roses.

• Last call to plant new rose bushes.

• Make manure extract by hanging a gunny bag of fresh manure in a barrel of water.

• Most spring blooming shrubs can now be pruned and shaped.

• Move caladiums to a shady spot.

• Now that the danger of frost is gone, tender bedding plants like Cannas, Geraniums and Begonias can be planted outdoors.

• Open season for slaughtering weeds is upon us, keep hoe and cultivator going.

• Pieces of Poinsettia cut from old plants can be rooted for next years bloom.

• Plant Gladiolus corms now, repeat plantings every 2-3 weeks for extended flowering.

• Prepare beds now for Dahila tubers.

• Prune and repot house Geraniums, make cuttings from any healthy pieces removed.

• Prune Pussy Willow, Forsythia, Quince, Corylopsis and Witch Hazel.

• Regales, Auratums and other spring planted Lilies should be planted now.

• Remove suckers from fruit trees, Lilacs, Maples and Magnolias.

• Salt hay can be tucked under strawberry plants to prevent fruit from being spattered.

• Seeds of tender annuals such as Asters, Cornflowers, Larkspurs, and Shirley poppies can be sown outdoors now.

• Set tomato stakes before putting your plants in the garden.

• Start sowing seeds of perennials in cold frame this month.

• Stem cuttings can be taken from Chrysanthemums and rooted in a sand-peat mixture.

• To ensure berries on hollies, females can be sprayed with hormone spray when flowering.

• The deadline is nearing for planting evergreens, dormant trees and shrubs.

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